Postituspojat was established in 1989, which means that we have been providing logistics and storage services during four decades. We are part of the services of the Finnish Lehtipiste Oy. Customers of Postituspojat include Finnish companies and international corporations, and we ship consignments all over the world.

Lehtipiste is a Finnish marketing and distribution company distributing newsstand copies of Finnish and international magazines, books, collectibles, maps and other products to a total of some 5,800 general and special interest retailers. Lehtipiste’s partners include some 440 Finnish and international publishers and suppliers. Lehtipiste has been distributing magazines since 1910. Lehtipiste is owned by the Finnish Tradeka-Yhtiöt Oy.

Our large storage and production premises comprise thousands of pallet and shelf units and an automated collector route. Every day, 11 people work at the Postituspojat warehouse, and at busy times they are joined by more staff from Lehtipiste and Barona.

The location of Postituspojat is easily accessible in Vantaa, along the Vihdintie road, between Ring roads 1 and 3.


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What is Postituspojat and what do we do?

Postituspojat is a warehouse complemented with logistics services. In fact, keeping goods in storage does not make us better. Our job is to keep goods moving; to collect, pack and deliver goods to customers and back for resale.

Postituspojat is part of the services of the Finnish Lehtipiste Oy.


How do we operate?

We listen to our customer and offer the best storage services through cost-efficient automation or tailor-made according to the customer’s wishes. Our flexible pricing model means that there are no unnecessary costs. You decide the service you need, and we provide it!

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This is our promise!

The right goods in the right place at the right time.

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