It is easy to add the activities listed below to our Logi Package service for occasional or continuous use.


Contact Manager service

  • Contact Manager represents the customer at the warehouse
  • responsible for managing the logistics for the customer
  • setting up products on the Desktop
  • saving purchase orders on the Desktop
  • monitoring the reception of goods
  • monitoring deliveries and managing discrepancies
  • monitoring stock turnover
  • monitoring returned products
  • managing complaints
  • reporting to the customer



Customer and order service

  • guidance for customers
  • reception of orders via phone and email


Moving and reception of goods in stock

  • moving plan
  • inventory of goods
  • packing
  • transportation
  • reception
  • storage



Processing of goods

  • assembly service
  • labelling
  • compilation of sample and model parcels
  • monitoring of serial numbers
  • checking the number of items on reception
  • setting up products in the order system and product images



Customer-specific packaging materials

  • logo boxes
  • logo tape
  • other packing materials (cushioning)




Pick-up service

  • courier pick-up using cars and vans
  • transportation using lorries and trucks





Pricing model for additional services

The pricing of additional services is performance-based according to the content and number of items.