Pilkkoset Oy is a family business established 1988 and a trusted and safe service provider in fundraising. The fundraising service of Pilkkoset is used by schools, sports clubs, recreational clubs and associations. Pilkkoset offers a wide selection of goods for selling and a service portal for support in sales. We have made organising and conducting fundraising easy for groups by offering support materials and samples.

In the spring of 2014, we made a cooperation agreement with Postituspojat. Before that, until 2012, we had stored and sent out the goods ourselves. Then, before Postituspojat, we outsourced those operations to another logistics company for a few years. Initially, we decided to outsource the logistics because our company had grown to a point where we would have to find larger premises and acquire a collector system or buy these services from someone. We decided on the latter option and it was definitely the right choice for our company.

Our first logistics partner was too big for a company our size and we felt that they we not willing to listen to our wishes, and communication with them was difficult.

When we started to look for a new logistics partner, our first requirement was that our partner should have “big ears”. In other words, we were looking for a partner for dialogue, mutual respect and understanding, as well as a shared desire to continually improve our operations. 

These are our exact reasons for choosing Postituspojat as our new logistics partner. At the beginning of our cooperation, we integrated our order, invoicing and warehouse systems and automated all possible operations. Just by doing this, we were able to make our operations much more efficient. The whole integration process was smooth.After that, Postituspojat modified their collector routes in order to make the collection of our products much faster and more accurate. As for us, we considered the requirements of the collector route and designed our product packages and packing boxes to make them more suitable for a collector system. 

At the beginning, the collecting process was monitored carefully and any problems were addressed immediately. We worked together to find solutions that suited both parties and tirelessly fine-tuned the process until we were both happy.

Thanks to these efforts, errors in collection have been reduced to almost zero. During the busiest time in November 2015, 48,000 product units were collected in one route run without any errors. This has a clear and direct impact on our customer satisfaction and keeping our promise to our customers.

From a customer’s perspective, the way that Postituspojat handles the logistics partnership is very clear; we have a contact manager at the Warehouse Hotel who knows us and our operating model. This makes communication fast and flexible. This cooperation has inspired us to look at our internal operating models with fresh eyes, and we have had many ideas for improvement. Cooperation with Postituspojat is uncomplicated, and as companies, we share a desire to always try to improve our operations. We feel that Postituspojat is genuinely interested in us and they have done everything they promised at the beginning, and more. And from the perspective of our customers, this cooperation has made our operations, i.e. providing fundraising services more reliable and professional. We would recommend Postituspojat to anyone looking for a customer-oriented and flexible logistics professional.



Matti Skutnabb
Pilkkoset Oy