Vaavi Oy offers rented cots designed for newborn babies. A Vaavi cot makes your baby feel safer than a normal, larger cot. The wheels make it easy to move around the home, meaning that you can keep your baby close to you as you do your chores. It is easier to keep an eye on your baby and the baby can see what’s going on. The ecological Vaavi cot is made in Finland, making it a responsible choice. The classic Vaavi cot is also trendy.

Customers (parents, grandparents, friends, colleagues) can order the cot from our online store. The Vaavi cot is delivered at a desired time. The average time people use the Vaavi cot is four months, after which it is returned to us by post.

As our long-term logistics operator ceased to operate in late 2015, we began to look for a new partner. We had held several discussions with different operators until we decided to look for a person rather than an organisation. In our opinion, it takes a person to be responsible and care. We asked ourselves: “Who could we trust to manage our entire logistics system?”. Delivery of baby cots involves sending, receiving, storage and maintenance, and all tasks must be conducted punctually and quickly every working day around the year.

Luckily, we met Sari Lehtoaro, a Postituspojat representative. Sari convinced us that she would manage all logistics for Vaavi and always stick to the short delivery times required.

The logistics operations were transferred after the Christmas holidays and everything went smoothly, including the first delivery. None of our customers faced interruptions in our service and we hardly noticed the new operator in our everyday operations. Our customers were able to put their babies down in Vaavi cots safely.

Cooperation with Postituspojat is smooth, and together we are making sure that babies and parents in Finland can enjoy their sleep, safely. Meanwhile at Vaavi Oy, we can concentrate on improving our services.


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