The right goods in the right place at the right time. We make sure that the delivery process of your products is fast and cost-efficient.



The core of our service is made of efficient storage, fast collection and well-organised packing. We utilise digitalisation and automation in our operations.  Our customers’ order information is transferred to our system through integration. Product names, balance information, status of orders and delivery codes travel digitally between our system and our customers’ systems. Balance information of products in online stores are up to date and the customer can see the expected delivery time.


Controlling expenses

We optimise delivery costs. Our system finds the best delivery method for each order. We have negotiated volume-based prices with transporters. This means that all our customers benefit from increases in each others’ deliveries. The more parcels are sent, the lower the cost of each delivery.

The same logic applies to material acquisitions. The more our service is used, the lower the price of one box or roll of tape will be. We offer our customers a standard solution or brand-specific packing materials.